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Photo credit: Bo Huang Photography, 2019 – bohuang.ca

Rob Ford: The Opera

La Scena Musicale Magazine and Blog:

"The four composers are quite skillful in their (generally sparse) orchestration, sticking with tonal music and avoiding the intellectual - and thus potentially less accessible - approach. Worthy of particular praise is Massimo Guida's contribution in Scene's 1 and 2. He composes with a particularly strong melodic inspiration, his lyricism greatly enhanced by the excellent singing of Andrew Haji (Rob Ford)."


The Toronto Star:

"But as the second scene begins — with dry ice billowing from Rob’s crib, his outstretched fingers reaching up like a hand from the grave and orchestral flourishes reminiscent of Jerry Goldsmith’s score from The Omen — it’s clear something is hilariously wrong."


The Globe and Mail:

"The four composers – Massimo Guida, Adam Scime, Anna Hostman and Saman Shahi – came up with a surprisingly coherent work, mostly in a modernist style that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood film noir."


CBC Radio:

"The cathartic libretto was by a known, Michael Patrick Albano, and the music by four student composers, Massimo Guida, Anna Höstman, Adam Scime and Saman Shahi. [...] Bracketed as a classroom production, the afternoon was a fantastic success. The music was interesting but not difficult,"

"The most pathetic moment in Rob Ford was early for me, when baby Rob sings about losing the self-assurance of youth, of a world that revolves around him. Clever and funny, it also brought a partisan audience (momentarily) closer to their enemy. There are few arts that do tragicomedy so well.

Starchy staples of international opera no more effective now

So opera can change perspectives..."



"...the music was clever and funny..."

Mooney on Theatre:

"...the music is composed by Massimo Guida, Anna Hostman, Adam Scime and Saman Shahi, all student composers. Each of them composed a specific scene (or scenes), which could be a recipe for chaos but it worked seamlessly."

"The music was beautiful."


The Fanfare of Illumination:

University College Magazine - News:

"Among the highlights of the evening was the Fanfare of Illumination, a unique score composed by master's student Massimo Guida in honour of UC students and performed by members of U of T's Faculty of Music."