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Rob Ford: The Opera - Sneak Peek

posted 20 Jan 2012, 17:44 by Massimo Guida   [ updated 20 Jan 2012, 17:49 ]
Here's the link for a radio interview with the librettist Michael Albano and tenor Andrew Haji who plays Rob Ford in the opera. There are also some excerpts of the music:


And here is the brief article discussing the audio clip:


0.00-0.50 - Music from Scene 6, Composed by Saman Shahi (Margaret Atwood and the whole Ensemble Cast)
1.45-2.50 - Music from Scene 2, Composed by myself, Massimo Guida (Rob Ford)
2.50-4.00 - Music from Scene 4, Composed by Adam Scime (Rob Ford and Margaret Atwood)
4.10-5.07 - Music from Scene 5, Composed by Anna Hostman (Rob Ford, Margaret Atwood & Chorus)

Rob Ford – Andrew Haji
Margaret Atwood – Rosanna Murphy
Mother – Eliza Johnson
Father – Fabian Arciniegas
Homeless Woman – Caitlin Wood
Injured Cyclist – Conrad Seibert
Unhappy Seagull – Jamilynn Gubbe
Secretaries, Minions, Protestors, Librarians and Chorus -
Adanya Dunn, Laura Widgett, Chelsea Van Pelt, Conrad Siebert, Michelle Siemens, Anna Sharpe, Mahi Raptis, Beth Polese,