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Here are some links to other sites of friends, professors, family members, and colleagues of mine, as well as other musicians, performers, and composers:

Stamps of Italy – An interesting website on stamps of Italy

Giuseppe Guida 1914 – A website on my Grandfather, and his book on Sorrento: "Passeggiate Sorrentine (Tra Nostalgie e Ricordi)"

Romina Di Gasbarro – Composer and Soprano

Christos Hatzis – Composer; my Composition Professor during my DMA Studies

Gary Kulesha – Composer; my 4th Year Undergraduate, 1st Year Master's, and 1st Year DMA Composition Professor

Chan Ka Nin – Composer; my 3rd Year Undergraduate Composition Professor

Norbert Palej – Composer; my 2nd Year Undergraduate and 2nd Year Master's Composition Professor

Larysa Kuzmenko – Composer

Aaron Tsang – Composer

Ivan Barbotin – Composer

Kevin Lau – Composer

Keyan Emami – Composer

Giorgia Pellizzari – Graphic Designer

Anna Odell – Harpist

Interro Quartet – String Quartet

Cecilia String Quartet – String Quartet

Vesuvius Ensemble – Early Italian Music Ensemble

Gwenna Fairchild-Taylor – Soprano

Chloë Treharne – Mezzo-Soprano

Andrew Haji – Tenor

Tristan Durie – Flautist

Jonny Smith – Percussionist

Patrick Murray – Composer and Conductor

Matthias McIntire – Composer and Violinist

Bekah Simms – Composer

August Murphy-King – Composer

Parisa Sabet – Composer

Shelley Marwood – Composer

Quinn Jacobs – Composer

Sophie Dupuis – Composer and Violinist

Patrick McGraw – Composer and Physicist

Cecilia Livingston – Composer

Paolo Griffin – Composer

Tze Yeung Ho – Composer

Tyler Versluis – Composer

Roydon Tse – Composer

Trevor Hewer – Composer

Saman Shahi – Composer and Pianist

Patrick Power – Composer and Guitarist

Sahlia Wong – Composer

Janet Sit – Composer

Mitch Renaud – Composer

Rosano Coutinho – Composer

Joseph Trefler – Composer

Adam Scime – Composer

Emilie LeBelel – Composer

Elisha Denburg – Composer

Anna Höstman – Composer

Chris Thornborrow – Composer

Matthew Emery – Composer

Dean Burry – Composer

Adanya Dunn – Mezzo-Soprano

VC2 – Cello Duo

David Pickthall – Organist, Educator, Conductor, and Composer

Rob Blackman – Guitarist

Steven Vande Moortele – Associate Professor of Music Theory

Bo Huang – Photographer